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Welcome To The Burris Lab

Welcome to the website of the lab of Dr. Nicholas Burris. Please take a look at our Research, Publications & Lab Members. Please Contact Us if you would like to know more about our research!

We are a multi-disciplinary group of radiologists, engineers, computer scientists, and surgeons who are passionate about using advanced imaging techniques to improve care for patients with cardiovascular disease, specifically diseases of the aorta and aortic valve. We strive to bring together researchers with diverse backgrounds in imaging, computing and data sciences to develop techniques to improve diagnosis, risk stratification, and surgical planning. Please contact us if you have interest in collaborating or joining our team!

Primary Investigator: Nicholas Burris, MD

Diseases of the aorta and aortic valve are common and are increasing in incidence both in the US and worldwide. Non-invasive medical imaging with CT and MRI is commonly used to determine the severity and progression of these diseases. However, current imaging techniques have several limitations including substantial measurement error/variability and the reliance on static, 2-dimensional diameter measurements. These limitations hamper our ability to more fully understand the complex and dynamic processes that lead to aortic growth and development of acute aortic complications. Our lab is broadly focused on the development of new imaging-based techniques for more accurate, comprehensive and dynamic assessment of the aorta. We collaborate with partners in industry with the goal of making these techniques available for clinical care.

If you or a family member have aortic disease and are searching for care, please contact the University of Michigan Aortic Multidisciplinary Clinic to set up an appointment.